Things I miss about home

I have been in Ireland for exactly 199 days today (although i spent a few at home inbetween)..
And i guess I pretty fast realized what I’m missing the most, but sometimes you just magically realize that something is missing – and then it wrecks your head.
There is more or less no real order in this listing, its more about what i miss than how much i miss it.

I kinda feel bad for saying that ,but the food -I know and love- from home, is probably one of the things I miss the most.
The first big shock was Bread. According to Wikipedia, Germany is the country with the most types of bread (around 300 different ones!). In Ireland, the only proper bread you will get is Brown Bread and some White one. It seems though as if most people just have toast. I actually miss having loads of different bread but on the other side i have never ever before eaten so nice sandwiches like in Ireland.
Another thing is food from other countries. You’re able to make Mexican food or Italien(-ish) food here, but when it comes to German stuff, the only things you will get are Pretzels (Bretzel in German) or German Sweets (mostly chocolate or Haribo). It might be asked too much but there is only a bit of water between the 2 countries, usually you find most stuff though after searching for a while. It took me ages for example to get tinned cheries (they were the only ones i could find at all), but a polish friend of mine told me to try the polish shops the next time, they’d sell german stuff aswell. The next problem was Quark (curd cheese), I didn’t even know that it is german food, but it is used in so many german recipes that baking without it is hard. I know that you can get in Denmark, Norway and so on, so I was wondering why not here, when you’re able to do so much stuff with it. (Found it in ALDI’s though in the end – even german shops like ALDI or LIDL hardly sell german stuff though.)
The other thing is the price of food. In some shops you will be made pay 2 € for a bar of chocolate, and don’t get me wrong I love quality stuff, but i pay 79cents at home for a bar of Milka, and i don’t think that it gains double the quality over the way.. or is shipping that expensive ?
But even Irish stuff is usually really expensive except for the brands the shops have themselves. Lucky me, I don’t have to cook myself, so I hardly have to spend money on food.

Family and Friends
To be honest, I don’t really miss my family and friends that much. I know that I can call most of them on Skype if something is wrong and I’m messaging with some quite often. I’m actually skyping with my parents at least once a week. And I think it is nice to be able to get that support from home and to tell them whats happening while it is happening, but on the other side I think for some people it could get hard, when you’re homesick. If you have too much contact to your home, it will only get worse.
Also, I found a lovely hostfamily here and I really love my friends here. It is weird how fast you can get so close and I’m gonna miss some people so bad.
But -of course- sometimes I find myself lying in my bed crying at night, wishing i could simply walk downstairs and sit on the couch with my mum and watch a bit of a movie while talking or have my best friends to surround me. Especially when I’m having a hard time, I miss those people a lot and we don’t have that much contact, but i know that we’re still good friends and that’s great.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but i will try to add to this list, when something comes to my mind.


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