My first Open Air Festival

This summer had been starting off great so far. Now I spent the last weekend on a small festival.
It was such an amazing experience. But let me tell you everything from the start.

There is a small open air quite close to my hometown every year. They play very “exotic” music and all in all, it’s the kind of place where nice people meet and enjoy life together.
Most of my friends go there every year, but so far I’ve always ever been to young or didn’t have time to go there. And this year I finally managed.

While some of my friends already went up there Monday, I decided to go up there Friday.
Thursday and Friday we installed my dreads (which I am in love with), so when I went up there on Friday my head was covered in beautiful synthetic dreadlocks. (Made by DreadsbyAja btw)
While everyone else had prepared for it properly, I went up with just a sleeping bag and a backpack, filled with some clothes and make up and money. I didn’t bring any food, or drinks – I will next time though!
My Mum had told me I was allowed stay if I came home once every day.

So Friday started, my whole family went up there at around 5pm. Everything was pretty chilled.
We went to find the place my friends camped at, sorted everything out and such, went to eat, listened to more music, talked to people, looked into the small booths that mostly either sold food or clothes and accesoires, got to know lots of new people. We danced. And we laughed. And although I felt like crying at some point, my friends picked me up and took great care of me.
Sometimes, even at happy places like this, I get down and then I don’t really know what to do anymore. Well, we stayed up all night, and tried to make music, but it was too dark and we were too drunk to play the guitar properly. In the morning I went into the tent and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. So after an hour or such, I decided to go to the people on the camping place, that played wonderful music all night. I stayed there til 6 or 7am. I dont know. We sang and I listened to the sound of all those pretty instruments while around us the sky turned from black to red as the sun rose. I got to know some lovely people there, and one of them accompanied me on my way home the next morning, to come visit as i promised.

I showered, and I had breakfast, then I wanted to go to sleep for an hour or such to get through this day fine. I ended up lying there for 7 or 8 hours, but it was alright, cause i dont know if i would have made it through the weekend otherwise. We went up again (this time with a taxi, none of us wanted to walk anymore), and i got something to eat up there – I was starving – , then I visited the rest of us at the camping place and the time started again where i was mostly busy travelling inbetween the camping place and my parents and listened to music. We watched a poetry slam and some really good music. We danced -again. And we stayed up. I slept even less. And we played music again. The sound of music calms my inner sea so much. I felt happy. Then I went back into the tent. I slept for an hour max (according to the others, I can’t remember when I went to bed). Then I stood up again and listened to the music at the same place as yesterday.

This morning I did not go home to my parents. But I went to have breakfast. Twice. It was good. My dad arrived, while I was having breakfast for the second time. In the noon, we decided to go swimming. It was myself and 4 other friends. It was lovely, although my dreads pulled me down.
Then, Sunday afternoon, I got asked wether I’d stay til Monday or not, and when I asked my parents I was allowed so I decided to stay. We listened to some great bands again and we danced as if it was our last time. In the night, we made music and we drank. We went to bed in the morning when to sun was about to rise and i could only sleep for a couple of hours til it was so hot inside my tent, that i had to leave it. I had cold, tinned ravioli for breakfast that day, cause we didnt have anymore gas and they didn’t sell anymore breakfast. Then we packed up, cleaned up, said goodbye (until next year), and went home.

I made food and slept for hours. It makes my heart happy to think about it. I got so much nice feedback about my hair and about my person in general. It was very peaceful and full of love and acceptance. I honestly can’t wait to see all these great people again.

Take Care,


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