Be the Change – Writing prompt #2

“Be the Change.”

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

This really got me thinking. Got me wondering why I do this.

Well, if you followed me for a while, you would probably know that most times I blog when I feel very emotional and I need an outlet. I don’t talk about world breaking news or things that might have an impact on everyone. I usually talk about myself, the world around and inside myself. I wonder if my blog could make a change. I’d love that.

I’d love people to be happier with themselves. I know there are harder days and that often we don’t feel like we ever achieved something. But do you remember the last morning when you didn’t wanna leave your bed or get up or even breathe? Well you got up. You did that. Noone else, and although you might have hated yourself that day. You still managed to do something. I often feel very small in this big world, where it is really hard to “achieve” something people will aknowledge. But I think every now and then we should look back on the week or day or month and try to remember what difficulties we overcame.

I’d love people to be kinder to each other. Life is rough. For everyone. Never forget that!
So next time you see someone, why don’t you try to smile at them. Or say a kind word to a stranger. Or hug your friend. Bring your mum flowers.
And I know that I often feel better myself aswell, if i manage to make someone else smile.
One time when I was walking home and critically looking into my phone checking what I looked like, a man that was walking on the other side smiled and said “Don’t you worry, dear. You look great.” I have never seen him before, but that man made my day to be honest. I had felt so bad all day, being stuck in that cage of moodswings again, and this thing made surviving the day so much easier.
So if you can, try to remember that you are not the only one that has a hard time. If you can, try to smile and be kind to others.

I’d like for people to remember that they’re worth more than their pain. Everyone copes different with stuff, I know that. And I do know how hard it is to stop hurting yourself. How often you break down, cry, how little people understand or how many start to treat you like a “patient”. But you are worth more. It is a damn hard fight to fight and it took me so many trials to get here. I lost friends on the way but I feel like i found myself again. A kind of different version of myself. A much more balanced version.
And trust me, it was worth the fight so far. I don’t know if there will ever be times in my life where I don’t sit on the floor crying for a knife. I can’t tell. But if you ever feel like that and you have noone to talk to about it, and you can’t just write it all out or draw something, always feel free to message me. I remember how hard it was, how many people tried to “help” and only made it worse. I will try to listen.
It’s noone elses business. It’s your own. And even after a year some people will still skeptically look at your wrists if there are any new scars. But it will get better. You might have some breakdowns where you give up, but with the time it will get easier.
Actually there is a page where I liked to go called , I realized a lot of people don’t know it. It is a great place to go when you need someone to listen to you. Don’t worry you will not be jugded there or called bad names. The people that work there are so lovely and nice, they will try and just be there to listen to you.

So i guess that is the change I would like to make. I don’t know if i will, but if people would start to be happier with themselves, kinder to each other and remember that they’re worth more than the pain, it would be amazing, no matter if they start doing that because of my blog or just because they started to understand how difficult things can be for everyone.

Take care,


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