Sweet nothing

I don’t know anymore what’s worse. The headache in my head that has been going on for days or the apathy in my mind that makes me feel so hollow.
“Some days I’m made of glass. And all the red flowing inside of me turns black.” (~A poetry slammer at a small slam here)
I wonder if you can look through my chest. See my heart laying there open. That’s what it feels like anyways. The very moment that I felt like I could handle the pain, was the one all the pain left me alone with this nothing, and it tackled me to the floor.
It doesnt even hurt. It just makes me feel so empty. No sadness, no happiness.
Nothing to live or die for.
I feel so cold, but maybe its just the wind blowing through that terrible hole that you left in my chest. We talked about love today. And I thought about how love never happens anyways. I feel like i kinda lost that true love faith.
Whoever said “Sweet nothing” never felt this before, it’s not sweet. It’s bitter and it’s painfull. It makes you go numb and cold.

I feel dead on the inside, while I’m so alive on the outside.


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