About children

I never really got the hang on children,
or pregnancy, or all that comes with them,
I’m more the kind of person that will hold your child on your arm until it starts to scream. And then gradually give it back to you.
I love kittens, and puppies, but show me a baby and I will probably make a face.
I never felt this connection to them – People say I’m too young.
But what does bother me is that
while some parents take years to prepare for their first child,
others spawn them, like rabbits do.

So what on earth makes you think,
that shoving another child into this cruel world,
is a good decision when you cannot care for the ones you already have.
What the hell makes you believe,
that everything will be alright,
cause others will take care of it.

And yes, I am totally ranting,
because I am not Jesus, neither Mother Theresa,
And i swear to God,
When i see that man again,
I will look in his eyes and ask,
Why would you do that to your unborn son or daughter?

Why do you think it’s allright,
to leave a child on this earth,
without being able to provide enough
money or love for it to grow.

And quite frankly,
I am shocked.
By my own cruelty,
when I say,
She should have aborted.
But also by your cruelty,
when you decided to get another child
that you cannot take care of.


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