Responses to loosing a friend

“Hey. I think we should stop talking.”

Looking on my facebook i had to realize that he unfriended me already, and I wasn’t sure wether responding would be the right choice and if it was what i should say. Is it better to get aggressive, or sad, or both, or whatever else?

“Hey. I’m not sure what’s more dissapointing. That you decide to just stop talking to me without even giving me an explanation why or that you believe someone’s gossip rather than asking me what actually happened.”

“Hey. That’s your decision, I won’t judge or try to stop you from it. But if you ever wake up at 3am and think to yourself that you made a mistake. Please do the both of us a favour and don’t call. I don’t need you in my life if you don’t want me in yours.”

“Hey. Mind to explain?”

“Hey. Is this really gonna be the way things are ending ? What happened to being the strong, proud man you’re always trying to be cause right now you sound more like a teenage white girl.”

“Oh, ok. I guess that’s it so? Have a safe life, and if you ever need something feel free to call. You know I’m your friend.”


“Wow. Didn’t expect that. Well, have fun so.”

“Are you fucking serious? I thought you were better than this. I thought you were old enough to know that other’s gossip is usally bs. I thought you were not one of those guys, that treat you like a queen one day, and then leave the next one. I thought you were my friend. I thought you wanted to be there for me.
But apparently you’re not. You are just like everyone you are trying not to be.”

“Yesterday, I was thinking to myself that you should be one of the few people, I’ll stay in contact with when I leave my home. Now I know, you’re worse than any of those i hate here.”

“You motherfucking bitch.”

“Experiencing your first period, huh?”

“I’m dissapointed in you. Please keep your word. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t dare to come near my house. Don’t dare to come near myself, my family or my friends.
If you ever think to yourself that cutting me out of your life was a mistake, I hope it fucking hurts like hell.”

“If i were you, I’d stay away from me in future times. It could hurt your health.”

“Seen 12:45”

“Hey. I think you should go fuck yourself.”

“Please always keep in mind, that if you need me at any time, you are always free to call, so i can tell you to go fuck off personally.”

“I’ll count down the days to the point where you tell me that you are sorry. And i’ll tell you that this mistake is not compensatable.”

“As if i need you, stop feeling special.”

“Another one bites the dust.”

“Should I smile now, or laugh, or cry?”

“I’ll keep your stuff and your memories in my head. I’ll delete all the messages though.”

“K. Bye”

After all, I feel like silence is the best way to express the mess I’m feeling right now.
And I will just stay silent for now, until I find a way to tell him to go to hell and please come back home alright and safe.

Stay safe,


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