You make me sick

Coming out was a fairly long process for me.
It started off with not feeling any need to come out because i always felt accepted. Especially in Ireland where I lived at that time, and i was able to be fairly confident in my sexuality.

Then I had to realize that not everyone would be alright with it, or take it seriously. To quote my mum “Oh honey, everyone goes through that phase sometime, you don’t really love women”. And that was while I was madly falling for the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. I couldn’t believe what she said, because she never seemed to be like that. Suddenly I didn’t really feel accepted at home anymore, I felt like everything i ever did, was just seen as a phase i will soon be through.

Being bi, you never really get taken seriously. Lots of gay people will think of you as “not gay enough”, lots of straight people will think you’re just experimenting. On the other hand, I have a beautiful bunch of friends, that has always taken me seriously and accepted me just for who I am, which actually gave me a lot of strength.

But then things happen like gay marriage being legalized in the US. And I was so happy, I was close to tears. (Although it did feel kinda weird to think that even states like Texas legalized gay marriage before Germany felt the need to.)
Actually, that started of a huge discussion in Germany. And beneath a lot of people that are very supportive, you still have some that will eventually say homophobic bullshit. It makes me sick. And i don’t care for what reason. No matter if its religion or you think that gays are just sickening. It is bullshit.

And i have had to listen to so much of this in the last couple of days. And at some stage you reach the point where you start questioning yourself and wondering if maybe they do have a point ?

But I know, that I am not sick. I was born like this for a reason. And me being bi does not compare to an illness. Not on any level. And i am not less of a human being.

I am so sick of hearing that love makes others sick. You know what ? There is nothing wrong with being gay, but there is a whole lot wrong with being homophobic. I swear, i get so damn aggressive whenever I read about that kinda stuff. People took their lifes before cause of comments like that. How on earth could you think you’re entitled to decide what’s right and what’s wrong – or what nature wanted and what is “unnatural”. And actually you don’t get to decide what’s natural or not, because what is and what is not lies within the word. If it is present in nature, it is natural.
You not wanting it to be and needing a dumb reason to hate on people, does not make it any less natural.

And I am so done with hearing that it can’t be natural cause gays can’t make babies. Well, so do the infertile, and we accept them, don’t we ?

A society’s quality should be judged by the way they treat their weakest part. The way minorities are treated.

At the moment, sex ed classes don’t have to cover homosexuality. It could stop so much bad stuff from happening.Enlightenment could stop intolerance, but right now, the LGBT community doesn’t even get this chance to be tolerated.
Noone cares about the huge amount of gays that still get AIDS, because they don’t contracept in the right ways. We could stop people from dying and prevent more people getting sick.
But apparently that is too much to ask for as including gays in something like that would make them seem like “normal heteros”. How can we talk about tolerance and acceptance when it is too much to ask for to tell your children that gays do exist, and they they’re not sick. How much lifes could be saved, if children were told that it gets better. That being gay should not be a reason to kill yourself, because you could actually be accepted in society.

I am bi, and I am proud. Not because being bi makes me any better than any other sexual orientation. But because I do not fear to stand up for my own rights anymore. I don’t fear to be told that I deserve to die and that I am sick.
I will stand up for my rights until I am seen as equal.


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