Famous Last Words

Dear – Who ever reads this?

I want you to know that life IS beautiful. Even if it is not right now, I’m sure it will be one day.
Smell the flowers.
Dance. Sing. Do whatever you want, whenever you can.

It is going to be hard some days.
You will want to die or kill yourself or both.
You will want to hurt yourself.
Noone will understand your pain.
But still people will try to take it away.
Some will help, some wont.

People will tell you they love you, when they don’t.
They will try to control you and call it love.
Dont mistake it.

You do not owe anyone love.
You cannot be forced to love someone.
Dont try to force yourself.

You do not owe anyone.

There will be days,
where you just cry,
because the emptiness inside you has eaten you up and
days are too long to survive.
But you will survive.

There will be days,
when you believe that
noone ever believed in you.
But I believe in you.

There are days,
where I have to write goodbye letters to remind myself
why I shouldnt go.

If you have nothing to be greatful for,
check your pulse.You are worth it.
You are worth it all.

Trust me.


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