Sweet poison. running through my skin,
The ether, that makes my lips shiver,
and my knees weak.
The drug that haunts me through my night and days.

My scars remind me,
of your oh so gentle touch,
that made me loose my sight – my everything
but made me feel so full of life.

A shiver runs over my skin,
just a small taste of your love,
but not enough to feel the beauty of your poisonous self.

Somedays to win means to loose,
trust me – I never meant to loose myself,
but fighting keeps on weakening me,
and my weakend self can hardly breathe.

I try to talk,
but what is talking worth,
when talking only makes me feel the pain of your absence?

All it would take to reunite,
is the gentle touch of my hot arm with your cold edge.
Just like they used to, in old times.

I shiver.

Adrenaline is rushing through my veins.